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How to create a Video Ad for a Property Program
How to create a Video Ad for a Property Program
A walkthrough on how to upload your own video or create a slideshow
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Start by logging in to Adfenix platform. When logged in, search for the listing using the address or the listing URL in the search field. Click "Order" to access the order flow. If you received a publication email, click on Go to campaign.

Order flow

Campaign settings

  • Choose the desired program

  • Choose the ad type Video ad

Preview & edit

  • Confirm that your campaign has the correct copy. If not, click “Edit”, make your changes and click “Done”

  • Click on Choose Media to upload or create your Video ad

  • Select one of the tabs, Slideshow or Video

  • When Slideshow is selected, a slideshow video will be auto-created by the images you selected, click on save to move on. You can choose up to 10 images.

  • When Video is selected, you can upload your own custom video and click on save.

Recommended maximum size: Maximum video size: 1GB, maximum duration - 200 sec

Review & order

  • View the summary to verify your campaign content. If you want to edit the content, simply click on “Back”.

  • Click on “Order” to activate your campaign. The campaign will go live within a maximum of 6 hours after being ordered.

Note. Video ads are only available on Facebook and not on Instagram. Pay attention to the size and quality of the media files you are working on, feel free to follow Facebook's recommendations for the best results.

You can also read more about what formats and sizes we support in our article, Ad types.

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