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How we project the information on the order page
How we project the information on the order page
How Adfenix fetches information, images and text from your website
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Adfenix fetches listing information such as text, pictures and specifications from the listing page on your website. This information is reflected on the order page and later in the advertisement. It is therefore very important that the correct information is available on the listing page when the property is retrieved by Adfenix. This is to avoid errors in the ads.

If pictures and/or text are missing on the order page, it might be because images or text has been changed on your listing page after we added the property as For Sale. This can easily be fixed by the โ€œUpdate listing informationโ€ function, available on the order page.

When a property is marked as Sold on your website, the image visible on the listing page will be mirrored in the app and we will lock the image. Depending on your settings, an overlay will be added to the image and a pre-written text is provided as a message.

Images and text can be edited manually if desired.

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