How to share the results for a campaign

A quick look on how to use the Invite seller function

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When a campaign goes live, a confirmation email with links to the Results Page will be sent out. You can also find the Results Page within the platform by clicking “View results” for the property on the listing page

You can easily share these results with your seller or other interested parties via the “Invite seller function”.

Follow this step guide to share your Campaign results:

  • Accessing the Result Page by following the link in the email or via the “View result” button

  • Click on Invite seller

  • Enter the desired invite email address in the email field. You can add multiple recipients by clicking on “+Add recipient”

  • Choose the pre-written email copy or edit the personal message to your liking

  • If you desire a copy of the email, simply check the box “I want a copy of this email”.

  • Click Send invite

From here, your invited seller or interested parties will have full access to the campaign’s performance, including breakdowns of the campaign statistics, social links to the campaign and your personal contacts.

If you wish to share your campaign links on social media, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the result page for the specific listing

  • Scroll down to the section “Your Ads”

  • Click on View & share (new tab will open with your ad)

  • Now click on share and select how you would like to share the ad depending on which Social Media you have chosen

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