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I can't find my listing in the Adfenix app
I can't find my listing in the Adfenix app
Here we take a look at various reason why you can’t find your listing within the app
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You should be able to see your for sale listings (and all your other listings) under the Listings tab.

Sometimes it may take a while for a property to be added to Adfenix's platform. If it has been more than 12 hours since you changed the listing's status to for sale, or newly added it to your platform, there may be a problem.

Here are some tips to ensure your listings are getting added to the Adfenix app

  • If you can’t find the listing within the app, try logging out and back in again.

  • Ensure that the property has been uploaded with the "correct" status, such as, "upcoming" or "for sale".

  • Ensure that all relevant information such as agent email and office is visible on the listing on your website.

  • If the listing has the correct status and all the relevant information is visible, you can visit the listing page (on your website) to speed up the adding process.

If you still can’t locate your listing within the app, please contact adfenix support using the chat icon

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