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Complete overview of how the campaign is performing in real time

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When logged into the Realforce platform, search for the listing using the address in the search field or fill in sold in the property status filter field. When the right listing appears, click on the button View Results.

You can also access the Result Page via the link in the Live email or from the Result email sent out when the campaign is completed.

The page is structured into different sections.

Your property page:

This is the first section, and it's developed for you to understand how your marketing activities helps people find your property by looking at what sources visitors are coming from when arriving at your property page, and if they take action when they get there.

“How people find your property”, is how we measure the overall data of how visitors find their way to your property page.

Social media ads: Traffic generated from social media such as Facebook & Instagram.

Others: Usually traffic generated from blogs or sites with less traffic.

Internal traffic: All traffic generated from the agency website.

Other sources like Property portals can also be shown if traffic is generated.

People who showed interest: Visitors who have shown interest in your property, by for example scheduling a showing or downloaded information about the property page.

Campaign results summary

This section has distinct cards based on the number of active campaigns for your property. If you have two or more campaigns, the data shown is aggregated for clarity.


Here you will see the combined amount of times the campaigns were displayed over time.

Times displayed: The number of times the campaign has been displayed on social media.

Clicks: Number of clicks on your campaigns in various channels.

Key metrics - all social media campaigns.

Clicks: Number of clicks on your campaign in various channels.

Click frequency: The percentage of the people reached when clicked on your campaign.

People reached: The number of people who have seen your campaign in their social media feeds.

Times displayed: The number of times your campaign have been displayed on social media.

Comparison - all social media campaigns

This card contains detailed information regarding the ad for the listing, as well as links to the campaign on social media.

If you have two or more campaigns for the property, each campaign will be presented individually in a section containing, Timeline, Key metrics and Your ads that include social media links and number of reactions, comments and shares to your ads on social media.

Invite Client

Share the result page with the client(s) by clicking on the Invite client button.

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