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How to update the information and the image on the order page to reflect your latest listing update on your website.

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There is a super easy way to update the information provided on the order page. Let’s say that the images on the order page doesn’t match the one’s uploaded on your listing page.

With the function “Update the listing information” you can quickly and easily ensure that the listing information is updated.


  • On the order page, you will find the “More options button” (three dots top right on the page), click on it for the next step

  • Click on “Update the listing information” to retrieve the latest information

  • Finally, reload the page to see the updates immediately

Make sure the property is up-to-date with "the correct" information.

Adfenix fetches listing information such as text, pictures, statuses or tags (i.e., for sale, sold etc.) from the listing page on your website. This information is reflected in the Adfenix platform and manages the availability of marketing programs. It is therefore very important that the correct information is available on the listing page when the property is retrieved by Adfenix

To get in contact with Adfenix Support, please use the chat icon or email us on support@adfenix.com.

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