Campaign statuses

Different campaign statuses for a property, what they mean and what triggers them.

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To give you a better overview of what campaign status your listing is currently in, we have provided you with four different statuses visible both in the listings view and on the order page.

No campaign active

Is shown when no campaign has been published for the specific listing.

Campaign ordered

Is shown when a campaign has been ordered but is not yet active. It is normal for a campaign to remain in the "Campaign ordered" status for up to 6 hours. If a campaign stays in this status for longer, we are working on resolving an issue with the campaign, if you wish to know more about what is happening to the campaign, please reach out to our support team.

Campaign active

Is shown when a campaign is live on social media

Campaign completed

Is shown when a campaign has been completed. Please note that you can have old, already completed campaigns, for a listing.

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