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View total campaign results and filter for a specific campaign.
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When logged in to Adfenix platform, go to the page Tailored Campaigns, (left side main menu).

Choose from the Overview (landing tab for Tailored Campaign) and Campaign Report tabs for statistics, or go directly to the order page by clicking the “Order button” (top right of the page).

Overview Tab

The first four fields display the total results for the selected dates.

We always recommend checking and/or select specific dates for better visibility.


The number of times the ad has been displayed on social media


The number of people that have seen the ad

Link Clicks

The number of clicks on links within the ad. (Led to destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook)


The average amount of times a person has seen the ad

The chart below shows all the campaigns for the selected dates, as well as individual results.

  • Use the search function to find a specific campaign, for an agent (use agent email) or an office (office name)

  • Hover over the list for a "More options button" (three dots) to appear that gives you the possibility to sort the list from more options or export the list

Campaign Report Tab

A real time reflection of your campaign.

Choose your specific campaign by opening the dropdown menu “Select Campaign”, then, unselect all boxes, search for the specific campaign and tick the box of your selection.

An exact copy of your campaign is displayed, and you are provided with the link to the live campaign on social media and the result.

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