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Start by accessing the Campaign Hub page (left side main menu), then, click on the button β€œOrder new campaign”, (top right corner), this will take you to the order page where you can choose from different templates.

Note. The amount of templates can variate depending on what has been decided by your Company and/or your Office.

Select the desired template and create your personal campaign.

The promoted fields can variate depending on template and guidelines from your Company.

In below, we have listed the most common required fields needed to create a Campaign.

Contact information and start date: All fields are mandatory

  • Start date (select a date one day in the future or more)

  • Name

  • E-mail address

Ad information: Fields can be mandatory or optional

  • Select price package

  • Message

  • Headline

  • Description

  • Landing page

  • Target area

  • Other information

βœ… When all dynamic and prompted fields are filled in with the correct information, click on "Order Ad".

Once you have placed your order, a confirmation email will be sent out with relevant information.

Our Facebook ad team will then create your campaign and an email will be sent to you as soon as the campaigns go live on social media. This usually takes up to three business days.

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